Some Common Questions:

Q: How do I register to bid on an auction?

A: Click the “Login/Register” at the top of the catalog your considering bidding on, to fill out the necessary information to bid. You’ll need to create a login name and password, enter your contact info and a valid credit card. You will only need to enter your credit card if you place a bid. The credit card is authorized for $1 to ensure it is active and belongs to you. If you've already bid on an online auction such as Quinn's Auction, Hash Auctions, or Alexandria Auctions you can use the same login for our auction, as our auction software provider is the same (hosted by

Q: How do I submit a Tax ID for the state of Virginia?

A: Simply email your pre-filled ST-10 from to If you need a copy of the ST-10, please download it below. If you need to register with the state of VA as a business that accepts sales tax and wish to be tax exempt when making purchases for resale, please follow the instructions listed on the website Here. 

Q: Can I see the items up for auction in person before bidding?

A: Yes! Every auction we sell online has at least one preview day, some have multiple. If the preview schedule doesn't line up with yours, contact us- We will try to accommodate an after hours preview. 

Q: What are watched lots?

A: By clicking “Watch” on any lot, the item will be added to your personal watch list, anonymously. You can find your watch list by (first being logged in) at the top of the page as the blue and white star, TIP: Hover your cursor over the different icons to see what they do.

Q: How do I change the credit card that will be used for my auction purchases?

A: Click the drop down menu at your name at the top of the page, then click Payment Methods: you’ll be able to add and delete payment methods.

Q: What are the shipping terms for this auction?

A: Click “Auction Details" while viewing any catalog page. Then click the “Shipping Terms” drop down menu. Shipping terms are auction-specific and change regularly. At a basic level, expect a handling fee and for items to be shipped USPS for small items, or Freight for furniture. Nearly Every auction we sell offers shipping but if you don't see that option, contact us to confirm. 

Q: Why does the auction extend when I bid in the last couple seconds?

A: This is called the Soft Close feature. Just like a live auction, when someone bids in the final moments of an auction, the auctioneer extends the duration to allow the backup bidder to jump back in. This is our main advantage over eBay and other auction sites, making sure everyone have a fair chance to own the items they have been bidding on. 

Q: What is the Max Bid feature?

A: In a live, in-person auction, your “maximum” price your willing to spend is always anonymous. The max bid feature allows this for online auctions. This feature allows you the bidder to bid once, at your maximum and let the software bid competitively on your behalf. Example: Lot 1 is currently at $4.00. You need to bid $5.00 in order to win. If someone comes in right before the auction ends and bids $6.00, you may or may not have time to increase your bid. By entering your maximum bid (for example, $15.00) the software will automatically bid against other bidders competitively until your maximum is reached. If you are outbid, you will receive an email alerting you, and prompting an increase. 

Q: I still don't trust it... Can I call in an absentee bid instead?

A: Yes! We understand some folks hesitate to buy anything online. Rest assured your information is completely secure on our site. We utilize some of the most powerful safety features available to keep your info secure and anonymous. If you would like to leave an absentee bid to avoid bidding on the internet, Contact Us Here.

Q: How do I know what I won after the auction ends?

A: After each auction, we will send you an invoice via email for your purchases. Also, Once logged in to our bidding site, click on the green "+ Bids" sign at the top of the page. If you looking 24 hours or more after the auction close, you’ll need to click the “Past Bids” tab to see every bid you have won or been outbid on at our auction house. You may also log in with your unique login and password to to see every bid you have placed or have pending at any auction house with our software. Depending on the location of the auction, you may have the opportunity to pay cash or check. The terms and conditions outline this detail ahead of time.


Cant find an answer to your question? Contact us HERE.

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Whats the Advantage?

With an Online Fair Auction, you don't need to waste hours of your day at a live auction waiting for the chance to win something.

Bidding online means you can log in and bid from anywhere- at home, at a soccer game or swim meet, on the sofa or at the office- literally anywhere you have internet access. 

Hint: Set a timer to go off just before the items your interested in sell, and go about your day! Or, enter a max-bid and forget it. We'll let you know if you won.